You don’t have to hit up the golf course just to practice your short game. Green Concepts offers putting green installation and maintenance services, so you can enjoy a putting green in your backyard.

Imagine how much your golf game will improve if you can maintain sharpened putting skills on a green just like what you use at the local course. You can have friends over to practice and socialize. Not only that, a putting green looks great and adds a unique element to your property.


Since you’re ordering a putting green, you get it the way you want. A number of options are available:

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Real Greens

Some people prefer the look and feel of a putting green that’s alive. Natural bent grass isn’t too difficult to care for.

  • Trim it to the desired height using a lawn mower, leaving the clippings as a protection against damage from clubs.
  • Water deeply and less often, encouraging healthy root development.
  • Aerate the grass at least once a year to combat soil compaction and promote continued growth.
  • Apply fertilizer specific for bent grass on a regular basis.
If you don’t mind the upkeep, bent grass greens provide the same experience you get at the golf course.

Artificial Greens

Before you rule out artificial greens, you should know the benefits that come with this solution:

  • There’s little maintenance and you don’t spend money watering, fertilizing, and otherwise caring for it.
  • Theoretically you can use it year-round, if you’re brave enough to clear the snow and line up a shot in the cold.
  • Since sunlight isn’t a factor, you can install these anywhere in your yard without any worries.
The artificial greens we use are so good, people might not even realize they’re synthetic.

Installation Process

We only use high-quality products and equipment to install your putting green. Our technicians strive to work as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the final outcome. That means you get to start practicing at home before too long.

In addition, we leave you with the knowledge of how to properly care for your putting green. We can even return regularly to do some of the maintenance for you. Our goal is to leave you satisfied with the setup for the foreseeable future.

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