Lawn Care Programs

There’s really nothing better than relaxing in your yard on a warm summer evening, enjoying a drink and maybe a nice meal, surrounded by beauty. The central element to any pristine yard is a lawn that’s green and healthy.

Most people find that they can water and trim their grass regularly, but it still doesn’t look full, green, and healthy. Brown spots, thinning, and weeds cropping up ruin that ideal image. Instead of just throwing in the towel, you can fight back with Green Concepts turf care programs. We have extensive expertise, training, and the right tools to transform your lawn from subpar to excellent. Your dream is attainable, with our help.

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Lawn Fertilization

Now lawn will reach its full potential without proper nutrition. Fertilization is all about replenishing the right nutrients in the soil, so your lawn has exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

We’ve carefully crafted a fertilization program that’s customized to the unique conditions of this region. That’s a huge advantage over bagged fertilizer you find at big box stores, which are a one-size-fits-all scattershot solution for the entire nation.

  • In April we apply a slow release fertilizer for good early season growth, plus a pre-emergent to fight crabgrass.
  • In May/June we apply a slow release fertilizer and a post-emergent broad leaf weed control, addressing the concerns for this portion of the season.
  • For June/July we use another slow release fertilizer created for this portion of the season, particularly aiding with recovery from stress caused by the heat of summer.
  • For September/November the fertilizer treatment helps with developing stronger roots for the winter and spring, so you have a healthier lawn earlier in the season.

Weed Control

One thing that ruins even the best of lawns is weeds. They break up the pristine uniformity of the grass, plus they compete for water, sunlight, soil nutrients, and space. If left unchecked, weeds will kill off your lawn, leaving you with an unsightly and unmanageable yard.

Fortunately, we help you keep weeds under control. Our applications are better than struggling to pull the weeds yourself, because the method kills weeds to their roots. Among the weeds we control for are:

Stop worrying about when you should go outside to pull weeds, and instead spend more time just enjoying the pristine beauty of your yard. Contact Green Concepts to set up an appointment and start getting the benefits of professional turf care.

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