Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a real nuisance, plus they can spread disease, making them a threat to your health. Swatting them eliminates the immediate problem, but it doesn’t cure it completely. Various control methods like sprays and candles help, but only to an extent.

You don’t have to be fearful spending time in your yard or suffer for it. Green Concepts offers mosquito control services, helping you to reclaim the space that’s rightfully yours.

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Mosquito Risks

These pests literally feed on your blood, which it accesses by biting your skin. That hurts, even hours or sometimes days later, because the area around the bit itches. On top of that, having these flying insects buzzing all around your head is also annoying.
If only mosquitoes just caused minor pain and a little annoyance. Thanks to the introduction of West Nile virus in the United States within the last 20 years, there's a serious threat attached to mosquito bites. People have been infected by this insidious and sometimes fatal virus across the country, including the Chicago area and other parts of Illinois.
Other diseases can be transported by mosquitoes, making their bites downright dangerous.

Fighting Mosquitoes

Getting rid of mosquitoes unfortunately isn’t an easy thing:

  • We send a professional technician to your yard, who examines the situation thoroughly. We work to identify sources of the mosquito infestation, particularly the water where they breed.
  • During the inspection, the technician identifies the mosquito species that are part of the infestation. This is key to creating a plan of action.
  • We provide recommendations for reducing the mosquito population, like draining and replacing all standing water at a minimum once a week. If the standing water can’t be changed out, like a pond, we might recommend taking out unnecessary plants, garbage, or other items that provide cover for the pests. Our technician can also recommend fish that eat mosquitoes.
  • Our service includes any necessary applications to reduce mosquito populations on your property. You can rest assured, knowing these will be done professionally and safely.

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