Turf Insect Control Programs

While weeds certainly don’t look good in your turf, it’s the things you might not see that can really harm it. Insect infestations often happen deep in the grass or in the soil, where they’re hidden. Still, you’ll see the effects as your grass doesn’t green up like it should, thins out in areas, or even just plain dies.

The good news is you can fight back. Green Concepts offers turf insect control programs that will stop the infestations in their tracks, so you can enjoy the lush, healthy, green grass you’ve always dreamed about.

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Quite simply, grubs will kill your turf, especially if left unchecked. You need to understand what these creatures are and what they do to appreciate why you need to address this problem.

Chinch Bugs

A common turf pest, chinch bugs can be especially troublesome for your grass.

Sod Webworm

Another turf pest we encounter often in this area is the sod webworm. As the name suggests, they live in the thatch, spinning almost invisible webbing. Their main food source is grass, which as you can imagine, leads to serious damage. Look for ragged, small brown spots in the turf blades, which spreads throughout the grass in patches.

The damage can start in the spring, if you had a sod webworm infestation in the fall. During the summer, they turn into moths, mate, and lay eggs in the grass, and the problem continues. You don’t have to endure dying turf from an infestation. We have treatments that safely kill this pest, so everything returns to green and normal.

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