Aeration & Seeding Programs

Maintaining your turf properly involves more than just cutting the grass, watering it, getting rid of weeds, and applying fertilizer. Even if you do all those necessary items, you might notice the grass looks a little thin in areas.

Green Concepts offers aeration and seeding programs designed to give your grass a much-needed uplift. Your neighbors who have turf that always looks amazing, deeply green, lush, and full use these tried-and-true methods for maintaining optimal health.

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Over time, the soil your turf grows in will compact. That’s not a good thing, because compacted soil can severely hamper the health of the grass. Some signs of soil compaction include:

  • Water pooling when you water or it storms outside
  • Uneven or excessively hard ground where your grass grows
  • Lawn that’s thinning or won’t green up no matter what you do
Yards that are used for plenty of play, or where heavy equipment has been through, like new construction homes, are especially prone to soil compaction. Laying down new sod can lead to compaction as well.

Another problem is excessive thatch development.

Just like soil compaction, this will block water from soaking deeply into the ground, hurting grass root development. It also blocks fertilizer and oxygen from reaching the soil, further harming your turf. Some signals that your turf has too much thatch might be:

  • A spongy feeling as you walk across the grass
  • Grass that dries out quickly
Aeration involves removing small plugs of the soil, thatch, and grass, creating pathways for water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the roots. Those plugs sit scattered over the turf, providing further nutrients. Technicians generally aerate grass using a specialized machine in the spring or fall, when the benefits are highest. This method eliminates the problems of soil compaction and excessive thatch buildup, so your turf looks healthy year after year.


Even the healthiest turf needs help maintaining its fullness. Overseeding, or applying seed to areas where there’s already grass, helps fill in gaps. Any open spots in your turf allow weeds to gain a foothold, so it’s best to eliminate those by establishing thicker grass. When you seed each season, you avoid dealing with those embarrassing bare spots that inevitably crop up.

We use slit seeding to achieve that full look. A machine run by one of our technicians, and it literally cuts precise slits in the turf. At the same time, the device plants seeds in those slits. That means they’re in the soil, instead of scattering seeds all over and hoping some find their way to the ground. This method helps ensure greater success.

You'll need to keep your turf extra moist afterward, but the rewards are huge. In a short period of time, new grass will start to show, making your turf look fuller and healthier.

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