Organic Lawn Care

It seems like everyone is more conscious of how their lifestyle affects the environment around them. While it’s great to switch your old light bulbs for LEDs, cut back on water usage with low-flow plumbing, and drive a more fuel-efficient car, you can also help preserve the environment through organic turf programs offered by Green Concepts.

Believe it or not, these alternative methods result in green, healthy grass. At the same time, you’re eliminating damaging pollutants that pose a danger to your children, pets, and the surrounding wildlife. You can have it all.

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Turf needs the right nutrients to grow correctly. Over time, the soil becomes depleted of what the grass needs most. Fertilization is a method for replacing those necessities. Unfortunately, many fertilizers contain elements that can do harm to surrounding wildlife.
Our organic approach involves applying fertilizers without harmful chemicals. That means the grass gets exactly what it needs, but the runoff doesn’t cause problems like algae blooms in local waterways. It’s a way to enjoy a beautiful yard, without trashing the areas you also enjoy away from home.

Pests and Weed Control

If only you needed to water, trim, and fertilize your turf to keep it healthy. Unfortunately, pests pose a real problem. Grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworm, and other creatures view your grass as a source of food. The resulting damage can cause your beautiful turf to turn yellow or brown, eventually dying. You can stop this destruction through environmentally-friendly methods, so you destroy the pests but not the wilderness.
Weeds also harm your grass, competing for space, nutrients in the soil, water, and even sunlight. Left unchecked, they spread quickly and can take over your turf. Eliminating them doesn’t require applying dangerous chemicals to the grass, which can also harm your children and animals. Our methods eliminate the weeds safely, so your turf can truly thrive.

Customize Your Program

We’re sensitive to the varying needs of our customers. Whether you want regular care visits, are looking for a single treatment, or anything in between, we can work with your desires. After all, it’s your turf and yard, so we can customize an approach to your needs and preferences.

When our highly-skilled and extensively-trained technicians show up for your appointment, you can ask them detailed questions about our services. They can coach you on ways to keep your yard eco-friendly in between visits, so you enjoy the maximum benefit.

Make every day a celebration of this beautiful planet we live on. Contact Green Works to schedule organic turf services.

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