If you’re a pet owner, the struggle can be real when it comes to maintaining healthy grass. After all, your beloved companion might dig, destroying the lawn and tracking mud into the house. When your pet does its duty on the lawn, that can have a negative effect on the grass, leaving yellow or brown spots that are tough to green up again. Sometimes, it feels like you must choose between turf and having a pet, but we have a solution.

Green Concepts has the perfect solution: pet turf. This is nothing like that green grass carpet people put on patios, and it’s something you as well as your furry friends will absolutely love.

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Hard to Believe It’s Not Alive

We only use the highest quality pet turf available. It’s so good, you and your pets will have trouble telling it’s not real. The material has the appearance of highly maintained grass, so nobody will fear treading on it. In fact, you can kick off your shoes and socks to enjoy that unique feeling of grass between your toes.
The pet turf we install is made to drain water quickly, instead of pooling that doesn’t look right and can cause other problems, like unbearable smells. After all, this is about making your yard a place everyone can enjoy each day.

Pet Turf Advantages

People think that having live grass for their pets is the ultimate, but pet turf provides a viable alternative. While it’s not for everyone, you definitely enjoy some solid benefits from installing this in your yard:

  • Low upkeep

    You don’t need to water, trim, fertilize, pull weeds, or do much of anything to keep this turf looking great.
  • Easy cleanup

    Pets can make a mess, but you can simply hose this turf off and it’s good as new.
  • Durable

    You won’t have to worry about pets digging holes or causing destruction in any way, because this turf can take it. It makes a great addition to front and back yards, as well as pet runs for this very reason.
  • Made for pets

    The material is completely safe for cats, dogs, and other animals of all ages. It’s a comfortable surface for your pets to play on and relax. You don’t need to worry about side effects from using this turf.

When you have Green Concepts install your pet turf, you can rest assured knowing it will be done properly by highly trained professionals. We train our technicians to be respectful and to listen to any concerns you have, so the final outcome is something you truly love.

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