Lawn Disease Programs

Just like for humans or any other living thing, your turf can be struck by a disease at any time. Pathogens are everywhere, so it’s just a matter of when the grass comes into contact with them, not if. If a disease takes hold, it can transform turf that previous was even and green to a spotty, brown, disgusting mess.

That’s not to say you have no hope. Green Concepts offers turf disease programs that help prevent your grass from these afflictions, plus curative measures to reclaim turf that’s been struck by disease. With our extensive expertise, highly trained technicians, and cutting-edge methods, we can help you maintain healthy turf.

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Turf disease can manifest itself in a variety of ways, depending on the disease contracted:

  • Browning
  • Yellow spots
  • Patchy growth
  • Discoloration on the grass blades
  • Wilting grass

Just like the sheer variety of how lawn diseases manifest, what’s necessary to treat them can definitely vary. It might involve watering for different amounts or at different times, applying fungicides, changing fertilization methods, adjusting mower settings, and more.

Curing turf disease can be a confusing, difficult process. That’s why our technicians all have extensive training and practical experience in the field. Through the proper tests and observation, they’re able to accurately determine the cause for any condition, as well as take the necessary steps to treat it.

You’re in good hands with Green Concepts.

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