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Mundelein, IL

This village in Lake County sits north of Chicago.

That means Mundelein residents enjoy the tranquility of small town life, but can easily work and play in Chicago. If you aren't looking to venture far for things to do, you'll be pleased to know Mundelein offers some quality spots to visit. You'll find friendly faces and interesting aspects of each one, making it worth your time and effort.

Barefoot Bay

When summer temperatures spike and you need a way to cool off, Barefoot Bay is a fun way to do just that. Spend a few hours playing in the pool, zipping down the numerous water slides, relaxing in the lazy river, and more. Because the main pool is zero depth, even the smallest children can play and have fun. Grab refreshments and sit in the sun or take refuge in the many shaded areas of the water park.

Steeple Chase Golf Club

If you like spending time out on the fairways and greens, shaving strokes off your game, many Mundelein residents love Steeple Chase. The village-owned course that features gentle rolling hills, picturesque water traps, challenging layouts, and impressive putting greens. It’s constantly mentioned as one of the best public courses in Illinois. Even if you’re not a golfer, some people visit the clubhouse just to enjoy the onsite bar and grill, which serves breakfast and lunch, plus a number of delightful drinks. Relax and soak in the surrounding beauty of the course while enjoying your meal.

Fremont Public Library

This building not only houses an impressive collection of books that are accessible to all residents, it's staffed by helpful librarians who can help you leverage a whole array of services, like book clubs, meeting rooms, notary, voter registration, and more.

University of Saint Mary of the Lake

Many Mundelein residents like to visit this seminary and school of theology, which is managed by the Archdiocese of Chicago, thanks to the well-maintained buildings and grounds. You can drive over single-lane bridges, take in plenty of nature-packed views, view artwork in the gallery, and visit the bookstore. In the fall, walking on the pathways is a great way to really stop and appreciate the vibrant color of the changing leaves. Numerous monuments also rewarding your explorations.

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